Business premises – with possibility of adjustment


At a frequent location of Poljanska road in the center of Ljubljana, for rent, a business premises in a total size of 1,006 m2. The facility was built in 2009 and comprises three floors – basement, ground floor and first floor. In front of the facility are more parking places, accessible also with a van and a truck.

The building is modern technically equipped with IT network, server room, alarm, video surveillance, optical cable, air-condition.

The facility is suitable for a variety of service businesses, a store with a warehouse, Embassies and receptions, educational activities, organization of seminars, etc. For long-term lease (over 5 years) it is possible to adapt the facility to the specific needs of the renter.

The rent for the facility with equipment amounted to € 8,100 / month + operating costs. The security is equal to 1 monthly rent payable upon signing the lease.

Excellent opportunity for an immediate start of activity!

Real estate energy class
document no.2016-4-3-37021

Description of each floor:

Ground floor (224 m2)

Entrance to the ground floor is possible through the main entrance or stairs from the garage. The hall separates the east of the west side of the ground floor.
On the east side of the ground floor there are 5 offices (8,80 m2, 9,45 m2, 9,50 m2, 12,55 m2 and 19,90 m2), and a larger room (22,45 m2 ), which can serve as a large meeting room. From the meeting room and two offices is possibe to exit to the outdoor garden.
On the opposite side of the corridor of the eastern part of the ground floor are a toilet, bathroom with standing shower and a small kitchen.

The western part of the ground floor comprises a space of 85,80m2 and may be used for a storage or receipt of goods. Access is from the parking lot with automatic door opening on the remote control. If necessary, the door can be transformed into a glazed entrance portal tlorisand the space can be used for exhibition space, reception or something else, depending on the requirements of your business.
This space has a toilet and access to the small kitchen.

First floor (218 m2)

  • Velika soba
    Velika soba

Form the staircase leading to the first floor, you can enter the hall, which separates the east from the west side of the floor.
East side of the floor comprises a large, bright room in a total size of 85,75 m2 (for at least 14 working places) and a small office which can serve as a small meeting room (8,54 m2).
Big office space on the west side of the floor is divided into two parts with a prefabricated wall, approx. 42 m2 each. In every room it is possible to provide at least 6 working places.

From east and from the west side of the floor is possible to exit to the balcony.
The entire floor has two toilets, one bathroom with standing shower and a small kitchen.

Basement (564 m2)

Basement comprises a central garage and / or storage space in a total size of 439,18 m2 (for a minimum 12 parking spaces), four small rooms (approx. 13 m2 each), which are located in the corners of the basement, and the room under the ramp (55,30 m2 ), which can be used for a bicycle shed or janitor’s cabinet, because it is equipped with some convenient and garden tools. For safety reasons, the entry into this room is only possible from the outside and with an identification code.
The basement is completely heated (including the bicycle shed). It is equipped with over 10 Internet connections, allowing the basement to be used for laboratory purposes or tests. (This is a current usage of the basement.)
tlorisIn the basement leads the ramp. The garage door opens automatically with the remote control.
For the handling of goods is also available fork-lift truck Jungheinrich Triplex.

  • Garaža/skladiščni prostor/laboratorij
    Garaža/skladiščni prostor/laboratorij

Surroundings of the facility:

Parking place and the garden (854 m2)

The space around the facility is fenced. Parking place in front of the facility is protected by automatic garden gate that can be opened by the remote control or by entering the identification code. There are 12 parking places available in front of the facility. Beside the facility is tidy lawn, which offers enough space for official receptions or gatherings.

Modern equipment of the facility:

Computer and telephone installation in all rooms, room with a computer’s board with 202 internet connections, which enables a wired connection to all electronic devices throughout the facility, internet access via optic offered by Telekom Slovenia or T – 2 (optional), controlled entry to any premises by entering identification codes, security door, videophone, video surveillance and alarm system connected to the RIVAL VTS security, air conditioning, heating on the natural gas, automatic garage door and garden gate which open by the remote control, automatic watering system for watering lawns.


Facilities in the surroundings:

  • Shopping centers (Mercator and Hofer) /250 m/
  • City bus station (No. 5 and 13) /100 m/
  • City center – hotels, banks /2 km/
  • Restaurants (Grad Kodeljevo, Gostilna pri Jovotu) /750 m/
  • Business trade center BTC /4 km/
  • Ring road /4 km/
  • Recreation park Kodeljevo /700 m/
  • Points of interests: Ljubljana’s castle, old city center, Skyscraper, three bridges … /2 km/


SIQ – First renter; since 2009 –

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