If you are looking for a real estate for commercial or residence use just surf our website, where you can find detailed descriptions of the facilities that we lease.

If you have an empty property that you want to lease, here are our strengths why you can trust us.

By giving your property to rent we perform the following services:

  • we check the actual condition of the property,
  • if the property requires minor renovation, we renovate it in agreement with you,
  • if the property requires major intervention, in cooperation with our reliable external service providers we give a proposal to renovate a property, and restore it in agreement with you,
  • we intervene when giving your property for rent,
  • we prepare a tenancy agreement,
  • we maintain the property, which is leased,
  • we conduct costs of the property which is leased.

We are not a classic real estate agency, because:

  • with years of rich experience in construction work we can intervene also by such properties, which need preliminary reconstruction or renovation;
  • by signing the tenancy agreement, we do not stop the cooperation with the renter, because we want the customers feel good in the property, for which we are taking care;
  • we relieve you, as the lassor, of the obligations arising from the required regular maintenance of the property, because of this we take care. The service is particularly suited to lessors who do not have sufficient knowledge or time, or live at greater distances from the property in lease.

Allow us to convince you with our professionalism and diligence. Contact us.